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How To Remodel:

Talk to <Keruthis> in Pandaemonium or <Laokones> in Sanctum to remodel items. Place the item to be remodeled into the top slot and the desired appearance item into the next slot. The second item will be destroyed in the remodeling process. The cost will be calculated based on the level and rarity of the two items. A visual update will display the end result. Check carefully before you finish the remodel.
Players often choose clothing or costume items to remodel their equipment. These items, sold by merchants (<Eiren> (Asmodian) and Stenon (Elyos), can be put on armor of any type.

Wearing the Style of the Opposing Faction


The generic style of Asmodian and Elyos armor is very different, and therefore items which have the appearance of the opposing faction are highly sought after.
Realizing the opportunity to turn a high profit, Shugo merchants smuggle these items across enemy borders to sell to the opposing faction. If one of these Shugos is found, get there quick; they won't stand around long in fear of getting caught.
These remodel items are typically untradeable Common (White) quality items. However, some merchants sell tradable gift bags that can sold or traded to other players.

Elyos-Asmodian Skins
Hi all,

There is a cool way to remodel your armor. You can do it at level 30 and level 50.
Here is how you do it:

Elyos - Asmodian skin
You need to find a nyerknyerk shugo dude who sells armor. This shugo sells you the chest and bottom piece. You can find him on the following dates:
2nd, 19th and 28th of the month from 1am - 4am
6th, 10th, 14th and 23rd of the month from 12pm - 4pm.
The locations (there are 2 possible locations)

   The first locations are for the shugo that sells the gloves, pauldrons and boots.
The second locations are the possible locations for the top and bottom.
For the boots, pauldrons and boots you need to go to the underground temple, and you find him at night, dusk and dawn. Just fly around the temple and you will see him standing on some edge.
If you find the full set, you will look like this:

Cloth set

Leather set

Chain set

Plate set


Are you tired of plain appearance of your armour? You plan little role-paying event or you just want to look festively? Nothing simpler! As we all know, much effort in Aion was put to let players customize theirs gear as they want, so it won’t be a surprise that you can get / buy special costumes in Aion to look extraordinary!
Most of costumes can be brought from NPCs, some can be obtained as drop from instance or event items. The most important info about costumes is that you can put skin of the costume on any type of armour (it doesn’t matter if it’s a chain or cloth ect.).
1) One-part costumes – costume is only one-part (chest) and then you wear it will cover all other parts of your gear (for example after wearing costume your shoulders’ item won’t be visible, but ofc you still have it on).
2) Five-piece costumes – these costumes are „5-piece” sets, and each piece can be used to remodel your gear – it won’t „cover” other parts of your gear, they will be still visible (if you use chest piece it will remodel only chest item, rest of your gear like shoulders, gloves ect. will be still visible).
You have to note, that these sets „look-like-cloth”, but they are not cloth type of armor (costumes don’t have type, so they can be used to remodel all „normal” types of armours like leather, plate ect.). That’s why sometimes you can see plate-wearing (or other type-wearing) player, whose gear „looks-like-cloth”.
  • Eiren (Asmodian) / Stenon (Elyos) costume
    These 5-piece costumes can be bought from NPC Arcinia (Sanctum) or NPC Lark (Pandaemonium). You can use these skins as many times as you want.
    Eiren (Asmodians) Stenon (Elyos)
  • Porgus costume
    This 4-piece costume was initially a NCSoft’s and Aion’s giveaway (as part of „Tutty and Beans Can”) at PAX East between 26th – 28th March 2010. Later in EU it was given away few times through Twitter / Facebook / IRC / official forum competitions / events.
    Female Male
  • Ribbit costume
    This 4-piece costume was avaidable to obtain through competing quests during New Year Event 2010 – 2011 called „Year of the Ribbit”, which took place between 22nd December 2010 and 12th January 2011.
    Female Male
  • Jester costume
    These costume was given away in in-game survey on 1st April 2011.
    Female Male
  • Silver Daru Fur Outfit
    These costumes were a random reward from event boxes during Daru Days event (which took place between 23rd November 2011 and 30th November 2011). [More info: Daru Days event]
    Female Male

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